Want a Job?

OK, show us what ya got. Don’t bother with resumes or references or courses or philosophy or how you handled challenging situations.

We don’t have time for that Oprah/Dr. Phil touch-feely crap. We’re building a friggin’ empire here. We only have time for results.

So, if you’re a graphic artist… can you goose prospects out of their somnambulent haze? Get them to stop watching porno videos long enough to click on your ad. We don’t ask for much. Just give us a CTR over 5% and we’ll be content. Give us 8%, and you’ll definitely get our attention. 10%, and you can have John’s first son.

Notice we didn’t mention anything about graphic theory… or pretty layout… or artsy style. Our graphic artists SELL with their graphics. Prove (with real numbers from real campaigns) that you can do that… and we may have a spot for you.

If you’re a PPC campaign manager… send us your samples and numbers. If you can’t share that info because it’s confidential, “NEXT!”

And… if you pass that test, be prepared to build a campaign in our office in 30 minutes. If you’ve got the chops, that’s a piece of cake. If you don’t, you’re screwed. Fair enough?

If you’re a PHP programmer… send us one program where you combine JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS (modified by PHP), and SQL in a clever way to MAKE MONEY. Show us you know how to program… and think like a salesman in print… and we’ll get along just fine.

If you’re a video editor… you’re SOL. We’ve filled the last two available spots. But keep checking back here in case one of them uses the profit sharing to retire in the Bahamas.

Send your samples to jobs@peerlessonlinepublishing.com. We’ll get back to you in a couple of days.

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