Inside Scoop For CPA AMs

If you’re like most of the other CPA acount managers we work with, you want to know

  • who we are
  • what we do
  • all about our Internet Properties
  • what sort of offers we like to run
  • how we promote offers
  • how we drive traffic
  • what we’ve done in the past
  • and who we’re working with

All reasonable questions.

Now, do you want the good news or the bad news?

OK… the bad news is… I’m not gonna give you those answers.

Why am I being such a hard ass?

Well, we need to protect our traffic… and our techniques… and the winning formula that’s taken us years (and a boatload of money) to perfect.

We know you’re just trying to protect your network from those scumbag frauds who give us all a bad name.

We totally understand what you’re trying to do… and we respect that. We probably hate those scumbags more than you do.

But we’ve gotta protect our trade secrets, right?

I mean, you’re not gonna phone your competitors and tell them your best converting offers… and exactly how your top affiliates are making you a FORTUNE. That’d be nuts, right?

And we’re not gonna do something dumb like that either.

Just like you, we do this for a living.

Ready for the good news?

OK, I’ll cut you a break… and give you a little info.

We run all types of offers… as long as they convert. We have access to lots of traffic sources, including our own blog network.

But most of the time we buy traffic and banner space. Lots of it.

So, if we decide to work together, get ready for a flood of targeted, quality, super-backending traffic. We test small… make sure it converts… then unleash Niagara.

Still want to make sure we’re legit?

Fair enough. Give us a phone call (if we haven’t called you already; we usually contact CPA AMs pronto).

We’ll tell you what we can… and prove what we can’t tell you with results… FAST!

BTW, it’s been nuts around here lately. So, if our phone line’s busy… keep trying.

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