About POP

What do we do?

We produce blogs and articles and wikis and all sorts of super-useful stuff on popular topics that help lots of people all round the world.

So… we’re saints?

Nah, we monetize the crap out of it.

But the rules have changed. In the wild-west, bar-brawlin’ days of the Internet (like 2009)… marketing was a lot like a cowboy trying to pick up a woman in a saloon.

The cowpoke would approach every woman… ask her to go to bed with him… accept the slap… then move on to the next prospect.

If his conversion rate reached 0.5%… he was a STUD.

These days, Internet marketing is a tad more sophisticated. Now we even chat to our prospects first… and buy them a drink… and take them to dinner… and maybe even listen to their problems.

These days we CARE about our prospects. And we build TRUST. And try to HELP them… before we get them into bed.

So… we’re saints?

Nah, we convert 10 times more than the cowboy… and never get slapped. Except by Google.

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